THC Design – Cannabis Cultivation Facility Tour – The Contact Buzz

THC Design - Cannabis Cultivation Facility Tour - The Contact Buzz

In a foreboding part of the Los Angeles warehouse district we search for the obscure address to one of THC design’s cannabis cultivation facilities.

After a quick call to Alex a large metal door near address slowly slides open to reveal the opening to the center of the earth!!! I mean the THC parking lot.

We are greeted by head growers at this facility Darin and Alex. Right off the bat there is a feeling of a welcoming vibration. Not just the standard “how you are doing”. The look you in the eye honest feeling like being welcomed into your friend moms house. You know that stay home mom that was always cooking something delicious. That’s what it felt like except at this house they’re cooking up some of the best cannabis flower in so cal. And yes, it smelled delicious.

The guys took their time to really brake down a lot of information for us. And whoa momma! Room after room filled with glistening trichome hairs covering flowered fields indoors. I had a great time heaving in deep breaths of terpenes from the many strains in cultivation. And so many flavors to choose from with THC design, everything from fuel to citrus soda to blueberry punch. Visually some of the best flower in SoCal but also potency, packaging and selection make them an interesting brand.

Check out there website @ for more information

Awesome tour and awesome people, plus upcoming products like THCA powder which was on display at Harvest Cup 2017.

We at TCB are looking forward to touring the THC design concentrates and extract facility next.

Be sure to check out our website for even more cannabis news and marijuana videos.

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Blaze on Blazing nation Blaze on!

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