This is a combination of 2 videos made 1/2 hour apart. At about 10:30 in the video is where its split. My mom goes from a delusional impatient pacer to a calm rational woman reading a book.
.I need to make an introduction. So many things need to be explained about what happens with my mom and many others who suffer with Alzheimer’s. My mom was a couch potato with a book. I was a wanderer. As a tiny child I wandered to the river and wouldn’t leave. She would bring her book and literally sit on a log in back of the Biltmore hotel and read so I could play with the minnows and crayfish. Neither of my parents were exercisers and they ate Hardees and McDonalds nearly every day. Cancer exploded inside my dad 2002. They were in the middle of moving into far too small a house for their stuff. I found this place big enough and we brought my dad here to die. We got the place in June and he died that September. My mom carried on well for a person who lost their partner of 52+ years. She kept up going to McDonalds and the library etc two or three times a week. It was early 2010 we realized there was a tiny bit of memory impairment. The walking started the same time, I encouraged it. I also picked her up a stationary bike. September 2010 my mom fell walking to get the Sunday paper. She split her head open but still managed to get the paper. At the hospital the scan led them to believe my mom had Alzheimer’s. We live in an old city with uneven sidewalks, my mother suffers from osteoporosis and has severe curvature of the spine. With 30% of her body weight already infront of her, even catching a crack on the floor can send her on her forehead. I encouraged the bike and we went shopping often because carts are great walkers. Time went by and wandering became a problem. Mom would sneek out to the library with several books and come back with several. Mom was checking out 10 books and taking them back the next day, not even reading them. One day we were walking into Oshkosh library and she fell, splitting her forehead open again. The doors were still open at home but I put notes on all the doors telling my mom not to leave. She kept going outside but it turned into simple delusional wandering with no purpose. People would call from the gas station to tell me my mom was there. I put 35# barbells infront of the door because I really didn’t want to lock her in but its 15 degrees below zero out etc. One night I went upstairs with dinner and she was gone. I heard sirens and followed them to my bloody mom at the dollar store. Delusional pacing and wandering are among Alzheimer’s worst symptoms. It got so most of my moms waking hours were spent angrily pacing and when we went out she was angry. Worse yet, when we came home from shopping etc it became impossible to reassociate her into the house, she wouldn’t believe it was her house. The medications we tried did nothing or made things worse.The THC pill instantly released her from that cycle. With THC my mother gets pulled back to earth. In the video you see my mother in a delusional wandering state and me begging her to sit down. A person unfamiliar with the situation would probably think I should just take my mom out or let her continue pacing. Everybody needs to understand that her misery would only continue in the car or outside and get even worse trying to get her back home. In that state of mind the best place for her is the couch.

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