How to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Cannabis Oil

How to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Cannabis Oil

FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This is a video on how to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) using our family recipe with pure grain alcohol. To view the recipe check out this link —-

You will need: Cannabis, 190 Pure Grain Alcohol (Everclear), Rice Cooker, syringes w/ no needle (the kind you would use to feed an animal not inject), a high-temperature rubber spatula, wooden spoon, micron bag (we used 28 no.), 3 catch jars
Process: Place cannabis in empty jars to 3/4 full, Fill jar 3/4 full of alcohol (make sure all cannabis is submerged), stir for 3 to 5 minutes w/ wooden spoon, filter cannabis alcohol solution into micron bag into catch jar, return strained cannabis to the jar, add more alcohol and repeat. Once all cannabis is filtered pour alcohol (which should be green in color) into the rice cooker, Turn rice cooker on high and cook uncovered for 2 to 4 hours. Alcohol will evaporate and keep adding more until gone. The rice cooker will evaporate all of the alcohol leaving a brown sludge like material in the bottom… this is RSO. Take the plastic syringe and pull the plunger with the tip in the RSO, suck the RSO into the syringe using the rubber spatula and the heat of the rice cooker to maneuver it into puddles suitable for the syringe tip. RSO that cannot be extracted from rice cooker with the syringe can be extracted with the rubber spatula and placed on wax paper or stainless steel.

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