How to Inhale CBD – The Zen of Vaping CBD

How to Inhale CBD - The Zen of Vaping CBD

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Vaping CBD is amazing and it is helping many people deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia and inflammation.

But what if you have never smoked or vaped in your life and you don’t know how? Well, relax and watch this video. We will take you by the hand and walk you through.
Vaping or inhaling CBD should be a calming, pleasant experience. It shouldn’t be intimidating to people who have never vaped before. This video guides you through the whole process of inhaling CBD vapor. From avoiding a coughing fit, to appreciating the flavors of good quality CBD. We’ll show you how to relax and appreciate vaping CBD.

There are two methods of inhaling that we will discuss. We will talk about vape temperature, how long to hold in your puff.

We think that the whole thing should almost be like meditation. You should prepare and deliberately breath in the goodness of CBD.

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