DIY Cannabis Salve | Ointment

DIY Cannabis Salve | Ointment

Learn how to make your own Cannabis salve with this simple recipe. First step is making the cannabis infused oil

Watch this video to learn how to make Cannabis infused oil for topical use. This method requires no water and is still good to use for edibles

General Rule for Salve consistency and temperature for firm salve
17 degrees and below 1:5 Ratio
18-20 1:4 Ratio
20+ 1:3 Ratio

Dianoo Smart High Precision 0.001oz/0.01g 500g Digital Kitchen Scale is a great scale for making this lotion and many other DIY recipes that call for weight. Especially great for making lotions due to small quantities of preservative needed.
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Coconut Oil I use –

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator here –

This is a basic recipe so the ingredients are simple and few. The end result is a high potency cannabis balm/ salve/ ointment. What ever you prefer to call it.

The topical benefits of cannabis is broad spectrum from pain management to skin inflammatory conditions.

Enjoy! 💚

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