CBD hemp extraction into crude oil–quality makes a big difference!

CBD hemp extraction into crude oil--quality makes a big difference!

Ty Odle of North Fork Extraction, Hotchkiss, Colorado, explains the difference in quality and methods of extraction for CBD hemp crude oil, as interviewed by Colorado ranch broker and hemp broker Gary Hubbell. Ty Odle shows quality CBD hemp crude oil that will yield 80% when brought to distillate form, and compares it with crude oil processed by others that will yield 40% or less when extracted to distillate. This video is very important for buyers to understand the difference in high-quality hemp crude oil grown with strong CBD content, very good weed control, and high-yielding plants, versus low-grade crude with lots of plant content, chlorophyll, and contaminants. Ty Odle has his own brand of tinctures and botanicals under the Hempothecary brand.

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