Cannabis is Very Exciting – THC found to induce Death to Brain Cancer Cells

Cannabis is Very Exciting - THC found to induce Death to Brain Cancer Cells

Cannabis is Very Exciting – THC found to induce Death to Brain Cancer Cells

A Medical Cannabis Industry Conference and Expo. You will be provided with credible content from experts and experienced leaders/investors in the medical cannabis industry. CME/CNE/CLE are offered.

Event Description: June 24-25, 2017 Philadelphia, PA

International Canna Pro Expo is a medical cannabis industry conference and exposition for medical professionals, business professionals, entrepreneurs/investors, care-givers, patients and family members, businesses and the interested public. Demand and consideration for medical cannabis and its use continues to grow across the country. Twenty-eight (28) states plus D.C. have approved legal medical cannabis currently. The demand for credible, academic and evidence based information about this subject matter is at an all time peak for everyone. At the International Canna Pro Expo conference you will be provided with credible content from experts and experienced leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

Some of our speakers are Montel Williams (Keynote), Founder Lenitiv Scientific, medical cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, MS patient; Lindy Snider, CEO Lindi Skin and active Investor, with an Investor panel; Marvin Washington ex-NFL Football player, advocate, investor; Dr. Suzanne A. Sisley, President/Principal Investigator Scottsdale Research Institute, Principal Investigator for the only FDA-approved randomized controlled trial looking at use of whole-plant cannabis in combat veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD; Dr. Charles Pollack Director, Jefferson Institute of Emerging Health Professions, Director, The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp; Dr. Larry Kaiser, CEO of the Temple University Health System and Dean of Temple University School of Medicine; Dr. Genester Wilson-King, an experienced cannabinoid clinician educator, certified in Cannabinoid Medicine, Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician, and many others will be speaking at the two-day event.

An exceptional CME/CNE/CLE program on medical cannabis is available for health care and business professionals. An Exposition with product and service businesses is an integral part of this conference. This event is OPEN To ALL To REGISTER And ATTEND! In the Medical Cannabis Industry, education is critical. The International Canna Pro Expo is where the Health Care Community and Medical Cannabis Industry leaders come to network and learn about the progression of Medical Cannabis as medicine. Backed with over 25 years of experience the International Canna Pro Expo draws in attendees associated with the Health Care and Medical Cannabis industries from all over.

Here is our website Link to find out more and REGISTER for the up coming event.
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