Cannabis Infused Whipped Cream

Cannabis Infused Whipped Cream

Cannabis infused whipped cream is actually super easy to make at home! Use it to top any of your favorite desserts, or use it with another cannabis recipe for a double dose! See the written recipe at

Make cannabis infused heavy whipping cream on the stove
Or in a mason jar

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Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m an actress and avid baker with an affinity for all things dessert-related. Don’t worry, I like savory things too. You can see me on TV shows like Modern Family, Scandal, NCIS: Los Angeles, and more. When I’m not doing Hollywood stuff, I’m snuggling with my dog and playing around in the kitchen. Some of my favorite things to eat are ice cream, kettle corn, and French fries. My idols include Martha Stewart (obviously) and Celine Dion, but I’ll have to tackle singing on another show. Thanks for watching!

Life Above the Clouds is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Be advised that possessing and consuming cannabis is not sanctioned by US federal law.

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