Cannabis can Cure Cancer and Other disease

Cannabis can Cure Cancer and Other disease

Through Apoptosis , THC has been shown to kill cancer cells. This is ONLY possible when someone consumes cannabis that was grown WITHOUT CHEMICALS. MOST of the cannabis out now, is grown with chemicals like PGRs, Eagle20, and pesticides… We must educate consumers, so they can find REAL medicine and not some bullshit that will only get you a buzz.

One must Also change the diet. Eliminate all Meat/Blood Starch Sugars and Dairy… This will ALLOW the Body to USE the elements is needs to Heal like THC/CBD/and IRON. Iron is a huge need for the human body, NOT from meats, but from Plants like Kale. Dr Sebi spoke on this.

A good diet, combined with THC/CBD Cannabis oil, will pretty much heal any condition. Anyone that doesn’t believe that, hasn’t tried it, or hasn’t looked into it. Please spread this information. We could be growing our own cures right in our back yards.. The pharmaceutical industry spends BILLIONS of dollars to stop this!!! They even bribe scientists to bring out negative information about it, as well as funding mass grow operations that use Chemicals. Cannabis found with Chemicals will let them have a case against it, saying “see, it only gets you a buzz, no medical properties” which is EXACTLY what the Chemical buds do.

Educating ourselves on this stuff is imperative now more than ever, we are losing everything, we can’t lose cannabis too…

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