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Thursday may 14 2020


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American Weed Consumption Jumped 27% Last Year, Study Finds

The survey found that 90 percent — or nearly all — respondents believed that cannabis is a safer, healthier alternative to alcohol (which it is). The tokers were


In addition to drive-thru, the state will allow pharmacies to offer home deliveries – if they meet strict requirements for delivering themselves, or through a licensed medical marijuana courier.

The state expects 10 thousand Utah patients will hold cards by the end of 2020. The state has been issuing 300-400 cards per week.

And 3 dispensaries ….11 more on the way.

Rich Oborn, Director of the Utah Center for Medical Cannabis says:



The world trade organization is going to have to look at cannabis at some point with so many member states having it domestically legalized because of the domestic legalization and open the canna worms and a lot of expectations regarding international cannabis trade it’s gonna be a very interesting next few years that’s fo

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